Why Rubin Extensions?

In this blog post, we would like to show you 5 simple reasons why you should choose Rubin Hair Extensions.

1. Very Easy To Use

To add Rubin Extensions you will need only a few minutes, both using Clip-in or Tape-In Extensions. They are easy to add and if you have any doubt, watch this video.

2. Highest Quality In The Best Price

At Rubin Extensions, we only offer human hair extensions. We love the silky, soft texture and the subtle shine of human hair. Therefore, we use great care to process our raw hair into individual hair products. You can see and feel that in every strand of hair. Rubin Extensions offer 3 types of hair: Indian, Slavis, and Russian. Read more about it here.

3. No Damage

Rubin Clip-In Extensions are absolutely safe and cause no damage to your hair. You can clip them on whenever you want and remove them in a few minutes.

4. Add Volume & Lenght

Many women dream of a flawless, silky, shiny hair and would ideally like to thicken and lengthen their hair themselves in order make their dream come true. With our extensions, you are able to do that! The simplest method for lengthening your hair is to use our clip-in extensions. Because using these extensions is so simple, you can attach the extensions yourself without any help and with just a little bit of skills like on this video.

When using our tape-in extensions or keratin bond extensions, you should definitely get the help of a skilled friend. Otherwise, a professional will surely be happy to help you attach the human hair extensions.

5. Play With Colors

With our extensions, you can have long hair in a variety of colors. Additionally, our extensions also match your own hair color. Of course, all our hair extensions are made from 100% real human hair so that they seamlessly fit into your own hair. No one will notice your little secret and you will enjoy your new look. Balayage? Pastel colors? Ombre? Check our variety here.