Microring Extensions – the gentle way to lengthen hair

Micro rings are an innovative way to permanently add length to your natural hair. Once they are attached, you will have greater volume and length to play around with trying out new hairstyles. With the help of microring extensions, you can either wear your voluminous hair down or be inspired by red carpet styles to create sophisticated updos. There's a an added bonus too; the soft human hair micro ring extensions cannot be distinguished from your own hair. Simply choose the colour that matches your hair and become a hair beauty queen!

Microrings – the beautiful and gentle method

Our micro rings extensions are a high-quality hair product. The small, thin metal rings at the end of each strand allow for a hassle-free attachment that is gentle to your own hair. Your own hair will not be damaged through the use of heat, glue, or other harsh treatments. The micro ring permanently encloses a strand of your own hair and is, therefore, attached in a purely mechanical way. In order to attach the extensions to you own hair without damaging it, it is important that your own hair strand onto which you will attach the extension strand is about as thick as the extension strand. The micro ring extensions will stay in place for a long time without causing damage to your hair.

Once a professional coiffeur has attached the extensions, you will be able to treat the microrings the same way you would your own hair. Curling, dyeing, and coloring – (almost) anything is possible. You will fall in love with these versatile, marvelous hair extensions.

Caring for micro ring extensions

Our microring extensions are made from silky human hair that has not been harshly treated. In order for the hair to keep its healthy shine and its quality, it needs special hair care products. That is why we created a product line exclusively for the needs of human hair extensions to ensure that your extensions will stay wonderfully silky and smooth. Take a look at what our hair care line offers.