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9 products

Halo Hair Extensions Pure Diamonds Line - Easy Flip-in Style

Rubin Extensions presents the revolutionary Halo-Hair Extensions - our Diamond Silk-Line! With our Diamond Set, your hair will have ultra volume all over thanks to the double drawn design. 

These extensions are exclusive to Rubin Extensions and are of superior quality. Enjoy great volume and gorgeous long hair thanks to this fast, uncomplicated method of hair lengthening. Learn how easy they are to apply by following our one piece hair extensions Halo Hair Extensions attachment instructions.

Made From The Finest Slavic Remy Human Hair

Only the finest, smoothest Slavic remy hair is used, creating a comfortable feeling with exceptional shine and gloss. Remy Hair is always of high quality and the ideal hair for making human hair extensions. But only the very best quality is used in our HALO HAIR EXTENSIONS Diamond Line. We hand-select the best Slavic human hair for this hair grade. Furthermore, our tangle-FREE formula protects the hair from tangling so that you can enjoy your top-quality extensions without the painstaking task of brushing endless knots out. You can find out more about the quality of our human hair extensions in our Halo Hair information section!