Hair Care For Quick & Easy Extensions

Long hair extensions need special hair care.
Because the hair is no longer nourished through the root of the hair, it will depend on your care of your extensions how beautiful they will look. It is important to wash and dry the hair properly.  

The hair should be combed 1-2 times with an extension brush on a daily basis. Please note: Hold the hair with your other hand so that you don't put too much strain on your own roots. Moisturize daily. You should always use a hair tip fluid on the ends of your hair and an anti-frizz product is a must. This product works to prevent hair from breaking and is part of the daily care routine. (We would be happy to give you any useful advice) Washing Please note: Never flip your hair upside down to wash it. If you have hair that is 50 cm long or longer, then we recommend that you wash your hair once or twice a week. Comb the hair well with the special extensions brush and loosen any knots before washing (they’ll just get worse while washing). Cleanse the scalp with a mild shampoo. Do not rub the hair, otherwise it will become tangled, then thoroughly rinse out the shampoo. Follow with a hair conditioner; use balm only on the ends. The washing process should be kept as short as possible because too much water dries out the extensions.

Blow-dry your hair.... while blow-drying, loosen the hair of knots by running your hands through your hair. Once the hair is already a little dry, it can be brushed more easily. That is not possible when hair is wet. Great hair care products for your beautiful hair are available right here directly from us.  
Conclusion: Minimal daily effort is needed – you’ll need a little more time for washing but that should be worth it.

Contact with chlorine water and salt water must be avoided as this will damage the hair. If you do come in contact with it, we will not assume any guarantee. If you want to nonetheless go for a swim in the swimming pool or the sea, put your hair up in a bun using an elastic band. The same applies for taking a bath at home - watch out for bath oils.  
Short care instructions Do not wash hair with water that is too hot. Only apply alcohol-free shampoo diluted with water to the adhesives. Apply the hair care products only onto the hair ends and length, not on the adhesives (bonds, tapes). Never rub long hair, only gently knead the hair, otherwise knots will form. Part hair sideways and apply a mask from the neck down after each wash. Wrap a towel around the hair and let it sit for a few minutes. Apply hair tip fluid and hair treatments and use an extension brush to comb hair.  

The following products may not be used: No products with 2 in 1, no products with sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), chemical products such as perm water, oxidation, bleaching powder, etc.