Tape in Extensions Rooted, Schwarz & Silberblond
Tape in Extensions Rooted, Schwarz & Silberblond

Tape in Extensions Rooted, Schwarz & Silberblond

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This is a VERY long review!

As a small business owner, I do not believe in writing bad reviews. I think it’s bad Karma and that there are two sides to every story and rarely do we hear the side of the story from the business or business owner in question. I have chosen to write this review in hopes to gain perspective from the owner and to receive a full refund on my order.

Before I start, I need to clearly state that I have worn tape in hair extensions for the last 5 years and have always purchased from Bellamy Hair, a California based company. I have never been let down or disappointed with the purchases that I have made from Bellamy and ONLY opted to purchase from RUBIN HAIR EXTENTIONS due to the availability of the hair color they had pictured (which I purchased) on their website. Bellamy does not carry the Silver Blonde shade that I was looking for and purchasing a platinum blonde to tone/color was not an option due to lack of product availability. That, and ONLY that led me to stray away from my beloved chosen hair company.

I purchased JET BLACK/METALLIC SILVER BLONDE ON NOVEMBER 9th 2023 . They were shipped to me very quickly and even included a free hair storage bag, which was very surprising and a great “freebie” to include for a new customer. When spending $900+ dollars on hair, it is nice to feel appreciated.

HOWEVER, the hair that was delivered was not at all as advertised.

The shade was NO WHERE near the icy sliver shade that was pictured on their website and actually looked golden. It was clearly a darker shade that was lifted in an attempt to bring it to a lighter “more platinum” shade and clearly fell short.

Touching on the word “SHORT”. I ordered 51 centimeter extensions (which is almost 21 inches long) and the hair DID NOT come in that length. Some of the hairs were the correct length but the majority hair was broken and damaged all the way up the shaft resulting in what looks like a rather frizzy weft. As I mentioned above, the hair has been lifted and as a result it was noticeably damaged. Additionally, from a weight perspective, the amount of hair provided on the weft did not equate to a typical amount that can be expected on a standard 1 inch weft. I don’t know if that was a result of the hair being as damaged as it was or if it is because the hair wasn’t the quality it should have been. Either way, the weight and length were advertised falsely.

The ability to cut, color and style the hair is not exactly accurate either. Yes, the hair can be cut but when it comes to coloring and styling, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I do believe that because the hair has been lifted in order to get to the “golden” color that it was when I received it, I think that when color and toner are placed on the hair, the chemistry goes a little wonkey and as a result, the shades that the hair turns to are not any such shade that would remotely reflect the intended result. When attempting to tone the hair I recived, my stylist has a painfully difficult time trying to get the whole shaft the correct color. The hair ended up being very patchy and was not able to be treated a second time due to the initial damaged quality that the hair was delivered in. Styling be hair was difficult as well because the ends were very broken and damaged which made each hair style we attempted look very messy and frizzy.

Because I got the hair for my sisters wedding, I had NO choice but to use the hair. The tape that is already attached to the tape beds, provided by Rubin Hair Extensions is ABSOLUTELY GARBAGE. During the wedding, the tapes were slowly slipping out of my hair. By the next morning, ALL of the extensions had come out in a tangled mess. Now I know what you’re thinking, the stylist MUST have done something wrong. NOPE. As mentioned, I’ve seen the same stylist for years and have NEVER had this problem. EVER.

To sum up, I do not believe that this hair is 100% Slavic hair. I do not believe this is virgin hair or even Remy hair. I wholeheartedly think that this was a bait and switch maneuver and I unfortunately fell victim to this. I am seeking a full refund for the hair and would truly like the additional $500 spent to pay my hair dresser who attempted to correct the color and apply the extensions to my hair. $1500 on some bad hair and terrible photos for my sisters wedding is absolutely outrageous and at this moment, I do not suggest or recommend this company. AT ALL.

After a response and refund are provided, I will update my review. Until then, all buyers beware.

Silvio Schmidt
Extension a

hab schon zwei strähnen die raus gegangen sind.

Katrin Otto

Super haare, gute Qualität
Bestell hier schon lange und bin zufrieden

miriam boudabsa

sehr gut

Sabrina Brändli

TAPE-IN EXTENSIONS ECHTHAAR (kurzer Ansatz), Schwarz & Silberblond