Application of Flat Weft Hair Extensions


How To Apply Flat Weft Hair Extensions

Now that you've received your new set of flat weft hair extensions, learn more about the vast possibilities of attaching them. They offer true versatility, giving you the flexibility and freedom to use these hair extensions how you wish. For this reason, they are much loved by hair professionals all around the world.

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Flat Weft Extensions are very flexible because there are different methods of attaching them including with clips, tape or by sewing.

    1. Clips

    Using clips allows you to attach the extensions to your hair in no time at all. You can also easily remove them at any time. For that you only need to sew the small clips onto the selvage. Make sure that the color of the clips matches the color of the extensions.

    2. Tapes

    Using tape allows you to attach hair extensions that will last you for months so that you can enjoy them day and night. This, too, is very simple: You fasten the Rubin Extension Tapes to the seam of the weft and then glue the hair pieces into your hair.

    3. Sewing

    Last but not least, you can sew our Flat Wefts directly into your hair. For that, all you have to do is gather your hair in a ponytail that sits very close to your scalp. Then, sew the seam of the hair piece directly to it. You should use a needle and thread that are specifically made for extensions.

    Applying Flat Weft Hair Extensions