About Our Hair Extension Quality


Why Choose Human Hair Extensions?

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions for the Highest Quality

At Rubin Extensions, we only offer real human hair extensions. If it is real hair you want to purchase, then you are in good hands - we offer a fabulous selection and exclusive quality. Extensions made from real human hair offer you the utmost flexibility when it comes to styling, caring for and wearing your hair extensions. Our human hair extensions are superior in quality to the synthetic variety, lasting longer and providing a more natural look that will blend seamlessly with your own hair.

We love the silky, soft texture and the subtle shine of human hair. Therefore, we employ great care to process our raw hair into individual hair products. You can see and feel the silky softness in every strand of hair. Here's some more great news - our extensions are now available as zippay hair extensions!

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

What are Remy Hair Extensions?

Prestige Hair Lengthening and Volume with Remy Hair Extensions

The term 'Remy Hair Extensions' is often seen in connection with quality hair products and hair extensions. This type of hair achieves the highest quality standards because it has not been chemically treated and its cuticle layer, therefore, is still smooth. In addition, the hair was sorted in such a way that all the hair faces the same direction of growth. This protects the hair from tangling and eliminates the need for a coating to protect against knotting. Due to its high quality, Remy hair is ideal for human hair extensions that are worn on a daily basis.

The Different Quality Grades of Hair Extensions

Below, we will introduce you to the different hair quality grades and their unique characteristics.

Extensions with Indian Quality Hair - Perfect Hair Everyday!

Indian human hair is a common raw material for a high-quality hair extension. However, the processing of this hair is less time-consuming than that of Asian hair. Since Indian hair is more similar to the European hair structure, the hair does not need to be thinned. The attached hair extensions will look natural even without this step.

Indian Quality Hair Extensions

Indian human hair is bleached and subsequently dyed in different shades of color. To avoid the precious hairs from tangling, they are then sorted into the same direction of growth. Unlike a silicone layer or a gloss seal, this sorting permanently protects the human hair from knotting and tangling. Finally, the hairs are sorted by length and made into our high-quality clip-in extensions and tape-in extensions.

Extensions with Slavic Human Hair - The Most Vibrant Hair in the World!

Slavic human hair is a valuable raw material for a high-quality hair extension. The processing of this hair is less time-consuming than that of Asian hair. Since Slavic hair is more similar to the European hair structure meaning the hair does not need to be thinned. The attached hair extensions will look natural even without this step.

Slavic Hair Extensions Quality

Slavic human hair is partially bleached and then dyed in different shades of color and sorted by direction of growth. This is how our high-quality Remy hair is created. Finally, the hairs, which are additionally sorted by length, are made into our high-quality human hair extensions.

Extensions with Russian Human Hair - Gorgeous with Eco Tint!

Russian human hair is similar to Indian hair in its characteristics. This hair also does not have to be thinned out before making the hair extensions. However, since Russians and Europeans have the same lineage, Russian hair is even more similar to European hair than Indian hair is.

Russian Hair Extensions

The color merely needs to be changed and the hairs subsequently sorted by length and direction of growth. Afterwards, it can immediately be used to make hair extensions for lengthening and thickening. Therefore, Russian hair extensions are of the highest quality.

How To Choose The Right Hair Quality for Your Extensions

With so many different hair grades that determine the quality of the hair extensions, you might ask: which is the best one for me? It doesn't always have to be the most expensive extension. Of more importance is the value you get for your money. If you want to put in your own hair extensions yourself and use clip-in extensions to do so, the most expensive grade is not absolutely necessary. Clip-in extensions are not made to be worn permanently. The hair, therefore, is not exposed to strains through sleep movements, the sauna or the chlorine water in a swimming pool. Since they are not constantly worn, clip-in extensions also do not have to be washed as often. Accordingly, the beautiful hair extensions will last longer. Tape-in extensions, on the other hand, are worn permanently. They are exposed to the same strain as your own hair. A higher quality is recommended if you want to lengthen and thicken your hair with these hair extensions.