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      73 products


      Add length to your own hair in a matter of minutes and imagine all the possibilities of creating new and breathtaking hairstyles with our tape-in human hair extensions. All our adhesive tape-in hair extensions are made from real human hair so you know you'll be getting the highest quality. The glue strips for tape extensions will hold the extensions in place so you can treat them as you would your own hair. Thus, you are able to style your dream hair the Hollywood way and enjoy long, silky, natural-feeling hair. We have the extensions - you have the creative ideas.

      Tape-in Extensions - Pro Deluxe Line

      Discover the tape-in extensions that the world's top hair stylists rave about. With our Pro Deluxe line, you can turn even fine and thin hair into the voluminous hair you’ve always wanted. 

      TAPE-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS  - Premium Line

      Luxury real Russian hair in the finest remy quality. This high-end hair extension is particularly healthy and long-lasting. These strands are optimal for thickening very long hair or to extend thick, but short hair. Using these silky, precious hair extensions for hairstyling looks drop-dead gorgeous!



      Our extensions from the tape-in Pro Deluxe Invisible line make for silky soft hair, day and night. Discover the effortless and permanent method of adding fresh highlights and amazing volume to your own hair without needing to dye it!


      Tape-in Extensions – The Permanent Way to Lengthen Your Hair

      While clip-in extensions are meant for temporary use only, tape-in extensions or glue-in extensions are permanent. They are adhered to your hair using heat and a specialty glue and will stay in place for many weeks or months. During this time, you can treat the extensions as if they were your own hair. No need to attach or take out individual strands of hair. Start enjoying your shiny, long hair as soon as you get up in the morning – and for the entire duration of the day. No one will know your secret because your tape-in extensions are indistinguishable from your own hair. The only thing anyone will notice is your beautiful, voluminous and desirable hair!

      Are you wanting to change your look? You will be able to take out your tape-in extensions quickly and easily without so much as leaving a trace. Simply use our special tape remover. Thus, even our glue-in hair extensions offer you maximum flexibility and versatility for your hair styles!

      Please refer to the tape-in extensions attachment instructions for how to apply them. For maintaining your hair extensions, check our exclusive range of hair extensions care products.