Application of Microring Extensions


How To Attach Microring Hair Extensions

When purchasing our microring hair extensions, our beauty experts recommend:

  • 1-3 packets to add volume
  • 3-6 packets to add length for a full head of hair

Micro ring extensions are an extremely gentle method to permanently lengthen hair. They are mechanically attached to the hair without needing heat or glue. The result is a breathtaking and magnificent head of hair. These extensions are well suited for very fine hair because they give healthy-looking volume in an invisible way.

Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions  Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions Anwendung_Micro_Ringe_Extensions

Step-by-Step Instructions For Applying Microring Loop Extensions

STEP 1: With a tail comb, section off a strand of hair.
STEP 2: Place the loop at the end of the strand of hair.
STEP 3: Pull the top end of the strands over the loop.
STEP 4: Pull the entire strand of hair through the loop.
STEP 5: Hold the ring with one hand and the loop with the other.
STEP 6: Pull the loop to pass the strand through the ring. Afterwards, you can let go of both.