Application Tips For Hair Extensions

Application Tips For Hair Extensions

Congratulations on your hair extension purchase! Whether you're new to the wonderful world of hair extensions, or a trained hair professional, our hair extension application tutorials make a great reference point for attaching hair extensions. When applying any hair extension, it's always important to be patient, gentle and to take care in order to prevent damage to the extensions or to your own hair. By following the correct application process, however, you needn't fear hair breakage or pulling. Rubin Hair Extensions are of the highest quality and designed to create a professional, sleek and seamless finish.

Below you will find individual attachment instructions for each kind of hair extension. Simply click on the relevant link to see the tutorials.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions

One Piece Halo Extensions

Keratin Bond Extensions

Microring Extensions

Ponytail Extensions

Clip-in Fringe Extensions

Flat Weft Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Application Tips

Caring and Maintaining Hair Extensions

Just like your natural hair, our remy hair extensions require you to wash and care for them to keep the radiant shine and silky feeling we all want to experience. The good news is, they're made from 100% real human hair, so you can easily care for them as you would your normal hair. You'll find care and maintainence tips for hair extensions hereas well as our exclusive hair care line here.