Super Voluminous Summer Braids

We just can't get enough of big, beautiful, voluminous braids! This week, we've would like to show you how to achieve this 3 super voluminous summer braids using different types of Rubin Extensions. These hairstyles are perfect for those summer nights out with your friends, date night or family meeting.

1. Milkmaid Braid

milkmaid braid tutorial

Perfect date night hairstyle when your hair is frizzy and unruly from the humidity. This side braid is chic, feminine, and most important - super easy to create once you've mastered the basic hair techniques.

We recommend you to add some extra inches of Rubin Extensions Clip-in from Deluxe Line for this extra volume and length which will also help you to finish your braid.

2. A Loose, Textured Plait

Loose, textured plait tutorial

A classic braid works in any situation. A loose, textured style is an easy alternative to battling with the humidity to keep your look frizz-free. It is fast and easy, for when you are late or simply not in the mood for a super fancy hairstyle.

Add some color to your look by adding Ombre Rubin Extensions!

3. A Side Braid

Thick Side Braid Tutorial

Everyone loves a good side braid. This style is a simple, super cute, but will also stop the sticky, sweaty hair-stuck-to-skin situation.

You can create a side braid, by adding a lighter or darker Clip In Rubin Extensions to gives this extra glow.

Once you recreate this beautiful braids, tag us on your Instagram post with #RubinExtensions hashtag.