Human Hair Extensions

Real human hair extensions from Rubin Extensions are the best quality in the world!

For many years now, our high-quality standards have proved themselves to our professional partners in the fashion world and many hairdressing salons around the world. Not only in Switzerland but also in Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, France, and Australia, professional hair stylists have been relying on our hair extensions that have stood the test of time.

Remy Human Hair Extensions


For most women, there is hardly anything that is more important than their hair. Whether it be long, short, curly, or straight, the variety seems endless. Numerous shampoos and hair care products, hair decorations, and clip-in extensions made from human hair have flooded the market. But what’s it all about? Why use human hair extensions? Which products can be recommended? And what can we do to protect our hair in the long term and to preserve its natural look despite using product?

Human hair is mainly made up of Keratin, i.e., soluble fiber, which is also the main component of our fingernails and toenails. Divided into three layers, consisting of cuticle, cortex and medulla, the fully developed hair growing on the scalp is also called terminal hair. The medulla forms the innermost layer of the hair shaft, while the cortex, also known as the bark, comprises the main part of the hair shaft and consists mainly of Keratin fibers. Finally, the last component of terminal hair is the cuticle. Dead cells overlap on the outside, forming scales, which protect the hair shaft as a smooth, surrounding layer. The scales always point towards the tip of the hair.

We recommend using our premium products which are 100% cuticle, such as the Tape-in Extensions Premium Line, the Keratin Bonds Premium Line as well as the Microrings Pro-Deluxe Line.