What is Remy hair or Remi hair?

Remy or Remi means that the hair has an intact cuticle layer and has been manually sorted by length.

Can I colour the extensions?

Basically, yes. However, we do not recommend it because the hair has already been depigmented and it will, therefore, be difficult to bleach it. Use only gentle and ammonia-free products. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the results. As is the case with every human being, the strands of hair are also different because they are made from 100% real human hair.

Are these extensions made from real human hair?

Yes, 100%.

Is this Indian/European/Chinese hair?

We are constantly improving the quality of our products and combine Indian & European hair types. Approximately 80% of our hair is from India. We deliberately avoid using Chinese hair.

How much hair/how many hair pieces do I need?

This depends on your own current volume and hair structure. 1-2 sets should be enough, however. One packet of the Deluxe Line will suffice for very long hair and a lot of volume.

How do I take care of the extensions?

Taking care of your extensions is very important because they are made from real human hair. Please read our hair care instructions and refer to the Rubin hair care line.

How long can I use/wear the extensions?

When taking good care of them, the extensions can be worn for 4-6 months.

Can I go for a swim or use the sauna while wearing them?

Basically, you can do anything while wearing the real human hair extensions, but it is important to protect them well. Be careful with chlorine or salt water as this can change the hair structure.

How many tape extensions do I need?

5 to 10 strands for color effects and highlights

15 to 20 strands to add volume/for thickening the hair

30 to 40 strands to add length for a full head of hair

The distance to your roots should always remain the same (approx. 1-2 mm). When gluing the strands in, it is very important that only the directly adjacent hairs are glued onto the top side of the tape at first. The underside must be adhered with the same distance to the roots (symmetrical) and also only to the adjacent hair.

Has my payment arrived?

We check incoming payments daily. It is possible that the payment won’t arrive until the afternoon. You now also have the option to pay using ZipPay.