Different Types of Hair Extensions

Tape-ins, clip-ins, microrings, flip-on, keratin bondings, ponytail, bangs, ah! There are so many different types of hair extensions out there! Not sure which one would be the best for you? This blog post will help you to make the best choice for your hair.

1. Clip-In Extensions
Made from human hair clip-in extensions allow you to change your look on a daily basis. Whatever you desire, the clip-ins allow a quick hairstyle change. Today you can have a sleek, elegant style for a business look, tomorrow you can have playful curls for your shopping spree or voluminous ponytail!

clip-in extensions2. Tape In Extensions
While clip-in extensions are meant for temporary use only, tape-in extensions or glue-in extensions are permanent. They are adhered to your hair using heat and a specialty glue and will stay in place for many weeks or months. During this time, you can treat the extensions as if they were your own hair. No need to attach or take out individual strands of hair.

Tape-in hair extensions3. Flip On / One Piece Extensions
Made of 100% human hair, wonderfully soft and smooth, One Piece Extensions are the fastest and easiest to add to your natural hair. This hairpiece consists of a braid sewn multiple times, which is surrounded by a nylon thread. The thread is placed in the center of the head. The hair hides the thread what makes the hair extension absolutely invisible.

One Piece Flip-in Hair Extensions4. Micro Rings
The small, thin metal rings at the end of each strand allow for an especially hassle-free attachment that is gentle to your own hair. Your own hair will not be damaged through the use of heat, glue, or other harsh treatments. Micro rings are an innovative way to permanently add length to your own hair.

Micro ring Hair Extensions5. Keratin Bondings
These hair extensions are provided with a keratin bond and can be attached to your hair using iron. These extensions can be worn for up to 6 months and they can be rebonded again.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Which extensions are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!